Pop of color, spark joy

Looking out the window at the bright red cardinal in the bare, leafless tree, was like a pop of bright happy color in a scene of wintery, grey… like a little spark of joy (to use the famous Marie Kondo term) in the midst of dreariness.  Pioneering spiritual thinker and writer, Mary Baker Eddy describes God with several synonyms.  Pondering the synonym of Soul this morning, I was thinking about the many attributes or qualities of Soul – creativity, individuality, joy, radiance, beauty, color, grace, uniqueness…  And as an expression of God, made in Her image and likeness (as it states in the first book of the Bible), we reflect Soul, so we reflect and express all the qualities of Soul.  

So it got me thinking, how am I bringing color to a dreary palate?  How can I spark joy and hope in a world that seems at times overrun with negativity and pessimism?  How can I be a haven of peace and a fount of love in a world that at times feels engulfed in fear?  What is my unique, individual expression of Soul that radiates with beauty and light?

Well, that cardinal doesn’t DO anything to be a pop of color, or a spark of joy… it’s just who he IS… So I just have to BE who I truly am… the beloved reflection of God, Soul…and I will naturally express the inherent qualities of Soul….

 See, we don’t have to go out and attain or obtain more joy, more beauty, more uniqueness, etc… we just have to be willing to pause, be still and listen deeply to our heart, to those intuitions or angel messages from God that are telling us the truth about ourselves, telling us each and every moment who we really are as God’s reflection… and see that it is already there within each of us… 

And when we realize that, we can’t help but radiate all the joy and beauty and color and grace that is built right in.  It’s how God made us.  

So how are you going to radiate beauty and grace?  How will you be a pop of color that brightens someone’s day?  How can you spark joy today?

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