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Memory Monday – Oneness

This passage I just read has me thinking back to some ideas that were percolating while sitting on a pier in Chicago while visit family this summer and loving the idea of our oneness with the Divine… 

 As a drop of water is one with the ocean (lake), a ray of light one with the sun, even so God and man, Father and son, are one in being.

Mary Baker Eddy – Science and Health, with Key to the Scriptures

Here is how that passage spoke to me in that moment on the pier… 

So I’m sitting on the break wall and the water is splashing my feet occasionally…

And I noticed a bright yellow leaf suspended in the water about a foot below the surface and it made me think of when we feel the presence of God/ Love all around us… submerged in it and having it just envelop us… but being a leaf we are not of the water …

Then I saw the water hit the break wall and splash… and droplets of water fly into the air and then hit the surface and become once again part of the lake… And that made me think about our oneness with God… as a droplet is one with the lake… so are we one with God/Good/Spirit/Love… as Mrs. Eddy states in the passage above.

And then I thought about sitting here on the break wall looking at the lake and wishing I were in it… and I jumped in…  =0)

We can all feel at one with the Divine at any moment… it is simply a matter of realizing that we always, already are… we can simply adjust our perspective and recognize the truth of this idea…

So, how are you jumping into experiencing your oneness with the Love, Spirit… the Divine …today?

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‘When the heart speaks’ – no language barriers

This article from speaks of how to break through language barriers through love!  Enjoy!CSM

‘When the heart speaks’ – no language barriers

News of language barriers between volunteers and children at a US border facility prompted today’s contributor – who faced a similar challenge working at a refugee camp in Asia – to share ideas about the power of divine Love in fostering meaningful connections.

By Kim Hedge